Euro Eonomis: Statement Regarding the Potiential of Lily O'brien's Sweets to Increase Its Functions Into European union Markets

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Beverley Burgess

Statement Regarding the Potiential of Lily O'Brien's Chocolate to Broaden its Procedures into EUROPEAN UNION Markets


Mary Ann O'Brien began to chocolates in her kitchen in 1992 with two pans and a solid wood spoon. The sole helper the lady had was her l baby girl, Lily, who started to be later on with the success of her chocolate the company's brand and main taster. In Co Kildare, they have designed a mouth-watering repertoire of delicious sweets using the very best ingredients. These types of chocolates have been created from the eagerness and pleasure of the company that gave you these scrumptious chocolates.

Activity 1

Examine the Potential held by EU markets intended for Lily O'Brien Chocolates.

Since starting the business in 1992, Lily O'Brien's chocolates have formulated quite a accomplishment story across the country and have a very recognised brand of producing top quality chocolates for each and every chocolate enthusiast whatever the occasion.

The organization hold's fort in a state of the art 36, 000 square foot facility in Newbridge, Co Kildare. There are 100 full-time employees applied and the production rate is definitely between 50 and 66 tonnes of chocolate weekly.

Lily O'Brien's has built up a reputation of being one of the most innovative and top quality brands in the luxury chocolate market thus far.

This is a small summary showing how the company has developed since 1992.

Lily O'Brien's chocolates is among the most dominant gamer in the Irish luxury delicious chocolate market which is one of Irelands most good food exporters. It is among the world's leading suppliers for the airline sector that items over eleven million Lily O'Brien's branded chocolates that are to be offered upon 1st and business category services throughout the world.

Lily O'Brien's have without much marketing expenditure in the UK, have become the brand to 7th inside the premium UK chocolate confectionary market.

Lily O'Brien's is also the leading private label supplier to top retail players in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, having 28% of their turnover paid for though plr activities.

Among 70-80% of their turnover is definitely generated through exports, all their main export markets would be the UK and USA.

Some of their International Customers include,

Foreign trade Retail



В·Costco. com



В·Trader Joes


Travel Selling

В·US Air passage


В·South African

В·Air India

В·Virgin Atlantic

В·Jury's Doyle Accommodations

Given the important points of how Lily O'Brien took the luxury candy market by storm here and are creating 70-80% with their turnover through exports. I realize a strong potential held pertaining to EU market segments for Lily O'Brien's sweets.

When a company is determining EU marketplaces, the company is going to take account from the general pattern of the EUROPEAN market to steady progress. Demand for fairly sweet products is generally growing in grocery stores, hotels, restraints and espresso shops inside the European Union. Larger sales may be brought in, in countries including the UK, USA and Ireland ( the countries who alreay have brought in nearly all Lily O'Brien's profit) various other continental market segments where likes that fluctuate may not accept the luxury of Lily O'Brien's chocolate if the country's main chocolate distributor ie works on the higher percentage of coca beans in the chocolate, foreign chocolate may appear not as adequate to the people as it can not be what they are accustomed to.

Lily O'Brien's could get fresh distribution channels that work in the EUROPEAN such as LIDL and ALDI, they could also supply leading hotelier The Marriott that operates in numerous EU countries. They can also look for choices to supply all their chocolates abroad in the likes of illy cafГ©s, a coffee shop it really is a large foreign company, selling its coffee-related products in approximately 131 countries around the world.

The illy group is made up of services located in America, Lebanon, Portugal, Germany, The country of spain and Benelux. The group employs...

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