Process 4

 Task 5 Essay

п»їTask 4:

Three types that we need to provide here, must be made of dried out friction material in respect to job NO 1 ) 1- Ensemble iron upon cast iron:

First of all, this can be a dry friction with zero. 21 agent friction. This is suitable since it is easy to made and provide our clutch coefficient with 0. 21which is definitely near to the demand much like 150 maximum temperature architectural view. But as economy, iron is the cheapest between flat iron materials and casting is also a cheap way to manufactured. 2- Stainlesss steel on metallic:

Here, steel on stainlesss steel provides a dried out friction coefficient with zero. 3. Since engineering look at this consider as suitable material because it is easy to end up being manufactured. Which suitable for economy because of metallic consider among the affordable expense of iron components comparing in front of large audiences. 3- Solid iron on steel:

Includes 0. 15 to zero. 20 agent of scrubbing and consider as dry out friction. This kind of actually will go between the 1st two types, so which is stabile for overall economy and anatomist with two hundred fifty temperature.

The best types with the three stated previously is NO several cast iron on stainlesss steel. Why? Since in our style we are looking for not excessive coefficient rubbing not more 0. 20 and ability to reach to two hundred and fifty degree Celsius as it will be longer life time comparing to them. To help make the choice simplest we can find out first the exact coefficient of friction in the event all the known are available employing this formula: Big t = n * Ој * t * L Where T is torque transmitted, n number of factors, Ој agent of scrubbing, and L is imply radius.

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