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Breastfeeding Diagnoses: (include 1 psychosocial)

1 . Reduced Gas Exchange related to thoracotomy as confirmed by UNITED KINGDOM via NC, L area chest tube, Hx of asthma, Unhealthy weight, chest xray showing congestion and atelectasis in the remaining lower lobe, and SOB on exercise.

2 . Acute Soreness related to surgical incision as evidenced by patients spoken report of pain (rated at a 10 on a range from 1-10), positioning in order to avoid pain, enhanced systolic blood pressure, facial grimace, decreased ambulation and motion to avoid pain.

several. Impaired Pores and skin Integrity related to a thoracotomy procedure as evidenced with a L horizontal incision post Thoracotomy to get resection of mediastinal cyst and survey of pain in the influenced area.

4. Contamination related to thoracotomy as proved by elevated WBC's (17. 8) and traumatized tissues from surgery.

5. Knowledge deficient associated with lack of publicity of medical procedure recovery as evidenced by patient's declaration, " I did know I would personally be in the hospital this long”.

Nursing jobs Diagnosis # 1:

Impaired Gas Exchange relevant to thoracotomy as evidenced simply by O2 through NC, T side breasts tube, Hx of breathing difficulties, Obesity, torso x-ray demonstrating congestion and atelectasis in the left lower lobe, and SOB on exertion.

Goal: Pt. may have adequate oxygenation and absence of shortness of breath within 2 days.


1 . Auscultate breath seems every numerous hours and be aware adventitious noises, note respiratory rate, interesting depth, and make use of accessary muscled. Encourage the incentive spirometer and deep breathing exercises every single hour, worrying the important role it takes on in her progress.

2 . Review and review chest x-rays once a day, assessment notes created in last report.

3. Keep an eye on Intake and Output every 2-4 several hours

4. Raise the head from the bead every single day to maintain wide open airway.

5. Inspire deep breathing,...

Recommendations: (1) Doenges, Marilynn E., Mary Frances Moorhouse, and Alice C. Murr. Registered nurse 's Pocket Guide: Diagnoses, Prioritized Surgery, and Rationales. Philadelphia: Farreneheit. A. Davis, 2010. Produce.

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