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Completed 94 out of 100 points 1 . You might open this assessment too many times but you might submit it once. 2 . You may produce the evaluation and ready your answers offline. Alternatively, you may enter and save your answers for a part of the analysis, and continue at a later time. three or more. Your textbook and other guide materials may be used to complete this kind of exam. four. When addressing the multiple choice questions mark the correct response in Blackboard. your five. When answering the fill-in-the-blank questions, type the correct response in Blackboard. a. If the answer can be described as formal name, give the total common brand associated with the determine as drafted in the textbook, including right capitalization and middle names or inventeur. 6. When ever answering the written response questions please follow these requirements: a. Your reply to each question should include a minimum 200-word response. w. Spelling and grammar will impact the grade. Be sure to critique each response carefully prior to clicking on the submit switch. c. Basic encyclopedias are certainly not acceptable resources. i. These include, but are certainly not limited to, Wikipedia, Encarta, and World Book. d. Make certain that all of your resources (including your textbook) happen to be referenced at the end of your response and that the details within your response is mentioned to show the between your tips and your resources. 7. When all questions have been answered, click on the " Submit" button located at the bottom of the exam. 8. If you have questions regarding your resources or basic questions regarding the exam, please contact your mentor.


Problem 1

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Which is NOT considered as a result of the fur operate? Selected Response: ~ Right Answer: A rise in the number of African slaves delivered to the Unites states An increase in the quantity of African slaves shipped for the Americas

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Question 2

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Which in turn trait obvious in Euro civilization do both the Mississippians and the Anasazi lack?

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t Marchar

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1 10?

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Selected Answer: Right Answer:

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A writing system A producing system

Query 3

three or more out of 3 points

The Mayan persons developed several significant achievements between three hundred BCE and 900 CEoWhich of the pursuing would NOT be regarded as one of those accomplishments?

~ ~

Selected Response: ~ Appropriate Answer:

The application of rice like a staple plants

l'; j The use of grain as a software program crop

Problem 4

3 out of three points

Indigenous communities about what is today considered Mexico based their very own system of farming around what stable harvest?. ~ Selected Answer: Accurate Answer:

!. my spouse and i


Maize Maize

Issue 5

3 out of 3 points

Which will of the next MOST specifically explains so why Henry VIII began the English Reformation? ~ Picked Answer: Appropriate Answer:


The pere refused to back up his ask for an annulment.

t'; We The pere refused to aid his ask for an annulment.

Question 6

o out

X It had been much larger than that of Europe's. It varied a great deal in respect to ethnical region.

of 3 points


Which option best details the population in the Americas prior to the arrival of Columbus? Selected Answer: Correct Answer:

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Issue 7

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Which group created the most significant confederacy in the South? Selected Answer: ~ Correct Answer: Cherokees Cherokees

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Problem 8

The technological improvement over " Clovis" time tools is actually known as: ~ Selected Solution: X Correct Answer: Spears. Folsom.

0 out of three points

!. my spouse and i

Question being unfaithful

~ ~ 3 out of 3 details The...

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